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Saturday, April 9, 2011


If you want to be able to access your files from anywhere with internet access, then this is the program to get.  It provides you with 2gb free of storage, which is plenty for just those word documents that you need to access at another location.Once you download it, Dropbox creates a folder that constantly syncs with your account, and if any files are put in the dropbox folder on your computer than it syncs with your account.  You can access your account online online which means you can download the file.  You can also download any file that's on a computer that doesn't have a dropbox folder.  If you upload the file to your account, then it syncs with your dropbox folder on the original computer as well. This means when you go to your dropbox folder on the computer you downloaded dropbox on, then the file you uploaded is seen under the dropbox file. This is a great program, and you should download it.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Are you looking for a realtime program that is able to fill the holes your antivirus doesn't cover?  Well, Threatfire by PC Tools is a great choice to integrate with your antivirus. When you first download this program onto your computer it scans your computer to let you know if you have a firewall and antivirus downloaded onto your computer.  This is just to tell you if you are missing important security on your computer. Then, it goes through a very quick scan to make sure nothing malicious is already on your computer.  The interface is easy to use and put together well.  With this program you can run an intelli-scan, which is another way of saying quick scan. Also, there is a full scan, which scans your whole computer.  There is a threat control panel, and under this you can view the allowed files, quarantined files, denied files, and the protection log.  The interface also gives you an advanced tools setting in which you can view various programs that protect your computer and what auto-runs on your computer when it starts up.  Finally, there is a settings tool for default actions, automatic updates, sensitivity level, program languages, notices, and community protection status.  When something happens on your computer that Threatfire thinks is dangerous, it gives you a multiple choice answer to allow,kill and deny whatever process is occurring., and remember this answer. This is a good program to assist your antivirus.